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About Me

Meet KG Crown

KG Crown is an American singer, songwriter, actress and model.  She began her career at age 4 with Ford Models, appearing in numerous advertisements and magazines worldwide. At age 7, KG formed the sibling band Good Kicks with her three older brothers. They worked alongside Grammy-winning songwriters and producers in Nashville, TN, selling music to 18,000 churches and landing an opportunity with Nickelodeon. At age 12, KG emerged as a solo pop secular artist and began performing under the stage name KG Crown. The crown became a key signature in her branding. KG Crown has amassed a huge social media following and she is a true representative of Generation Z. Her music is strongly influenced by the genres of K-pop, pop, and hip-hop. Today, KG Crown can be seen as the face and model of many brands. She continues to perform, record music, and pursue an acting career internationally.